Yes, You Can Still Get a Free Meal on Your Birthday at Abington Ale House

Having grown up in the area, I have fond memories of birthdays at Abington Ale House. Since they did (and still do) give out free birthday entrees, it’s usually the first question you get asked, “Do you want to go to Abington Ale House for your birthday?”  With fewer and fewer restaurants practicing this tradition, it has become a gimmick for the Ale House…and it works! Are you really going to pass up a free steak?

Ale House entrance
The entrance to Abington Ale House

The Decor

Abington Ale House is this strange sports bar/steakhouse/old country store looking hybrid. The walls, shelves and crevasses are littered with random knickknacks like pictures of clowns and cowboy figurines. There’s even a huge, medieval suit of armor right at the entrance. It radiates that hodgepodge feel of a New England country store.

The bar seating

Mixed in with this seemingly random assortment of figurines and pictures are many huge, plasma televisions. Each one either tuned into a sport or Keno. My favorite part, though, is the beautiful gas fireplace in the bar area. There’s nothing better than coming in on a cold night and getting a spot close to that fireplace.

Fireplace in the bar
The fireplace in the bar

The Food

And now to the important part, the food. As a kid/young adult, I don’t have many memories of the food being anything better than ordinary. If it weren’t for the free birthday meals, I probably wouldn’t ever go here. With that said, I was pleasantly surprised with my last visit.

There were 8 of us total, my immediate family and our significant others. We had all come together for my brother’s birthday.

Their menu is large and filled with standard American fare and some interesting fusion creations. Most dishes are reasonably priced, normal entrees come in around $10 and the steakhouse plates (prime rib, steak and all that good stuff) come in at $15+.

For appetizers, our table ordered nachos and Kung Pao Chicken Wraps. The Kung Pao Chicken Wraps were a little difficult to share; with 8 of us total and only a few wraps, we didn’t all get one. The nachos were well…nachos: deliciously fatty, cheesy goodness.

Kung Pao Chicken Wrap
The Kung Pao Chicken Wraps

Beers are moderately priced, 25 oz. for around $6 and they have a decent selection.

I ordered the Texas Barbecue Chicken Tacos for my entree and Matt ordered Fish & Chips.

I thought the barbecue sauce was a little too sugary, it was great in small bites but finishing the whole plate made me a little queasy. All-in-all I did enjoy them.

Chicken Tacos
Texas Barbecue Chicken Tacos

Matt loved his Fish & Chips and proceeded to lick the plate clean.

The Birthday Song

What good is going out to eat on a birthday and not embarrassing him with singing? After dinner, they proceeded to bring out a cake with a single candle and we all sang “Happy Birthday” as loud as we could so everyone in the restaurant stared. On top of the free meal, you also get cake and a song!

In Summation

Abington Ale House in Abington, MA  is one of the few restaurants left that offer free birthday meals. If you decide to go there for your birthday, make sure you bring a picture ID. Only the entree is comped, drinks and appetizers will still cost you. They serve American steakhouse food with a splash of creatively, cross-culture infused dishes.

The decor is a bit strange but allows for some casual, relaxed fun. It’s reasonably priced and offers live entertainment on Friday and Saturdays.  While the quality of the food isn’t phenomenal, it’s clear that the managers have made substantial effort in revising the menu and ingredients over the past few years.

If you’ve never been to Abington Ale House, it’s worth checking out at least once.

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