Tips for Trips through New England

The name of this northeastern region in the United States already resonates with history. It expresses the expectations of the English settlers coming to the New Continent who wished to rebuild their home country in a different place and live a better life. Today, the region embracing the states Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire is a popular place for travelers and temporary workers coming to the US.

If you happen to be visiting from overseas and wishing to stay for an extended period of time in the US or New England specifically, many people will need to fulfill specific entry requirements. One may apply for a temporary visa or even try one’s luck in a lottery to win a green card which facilitates the entry to the US. In order to participate there, you will need twelve years of high school training or a job training of at least two years combined with two more years of work experience.

If one fulfills the entry requirements, you can make use of some tips for people willing to work and travel through New England in a slower manner.

Tips for young people coming to New England

Harvard Campus
Harvard Yard – the campus of Harvard University by chensiyuan

New England is the home of several distinguished institutions of higher education. Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, and a number of Ivy League schools make the region a magnet for students seeking overseas experience. Apart from offering great study opportunities, young people who intend to slowly travel and explore New England, have plenty of work opportunities enabling them to learn more about the people’s lifestyle:

–          For people who enjoy maritime culture, Connecticut is the place to go. In the south, Connecticut is bordered by the estuary Long Island Sound which is the destination of numerous rivers flowing through the whole state. For temporary workers, the maritime environment offers jobs in marine fishery divisions, for example as temporary seasonal resource assistants. The proximity to the rivers and to the Atlantic Ocean lets everyone enjoy this maritime lifestyle every second.

–          For those who wish to do a backpacking trip to the mountainsides of New England, the Appalachian Mountains are a must-go. There are several programs, such as the Appalachian Mountain Club Youth Opportunities Program, which train young people to lead other youth groups into outdoor regions in the mountains. Guiding others to the summits and valleys and caring for their safety in the mountainside is a great chance to earn a living and make it enjoyable at the same time.

MFA Boston
The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA by MamaGeek

–          For art enthusiasts, the city Boston is top on the list of work and travel destinations. As the capital of the state Massachusetts it offers temporary jobs in theaters or museums in the customer service area by which the art lover can enjoy the creative atmosphere and assist the art business as well. Famous work opportunities may be offered by the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the Tanglewood Jazz Festival or the many historical parks reflecting on the steps of American history.

As these examples show, New England is a beautiful and resourceful destination for travelers and workers coming from overseas who intend to get in-depth knowledge of the United States.

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