Providence Ghost Tour, a Spooky Good Time

The Providence Ghost Tour is a lamp-lighted tour through the creepiest (and most historic) parts of Providence’s East Side. Do you dare venture on this journey full of bizarre deaths and freaky happenings?

Providence Ghost Tour Hours of Operation

The ghost tours around Providence run from April to November with only a weekend schedule in April, May, June and November.

Otherwise they run every day of the week. From April – August, tours start at 8 PM, September – November, they start at 7 PM. It lasts an hour and a half.

They kick off here in Prospect Terrace Park:

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What the Ghost Tour is About

I think the term “Ghost Tour” is a bit of a misnomer, I would call it more of a “Weird, Freaky Death Tour.” It covered some of the strangest deaths and legends around the historic East Side of Providence.

This tour is a walking tour, it starts in Prospect Park on the East Side, does a circle and ends back in Prospect Park.

Providence Ghost Tour begins in Prospect Terrace Park
The Providence Ghost Tour begins and ends in Prospect Park on the East Side

If you’ve never been to the East Side of Providence, be prepared for a workout, the East Side is notorious for its steep hills.

Our Tour Guides

It was raining cats and dogs on the night of our tour; the tour guides, with little more than a fedora, were troopers throughout the whole experience.

Acting like champs in the rain, the Providence Ghost Tour guides gave a wonderful performance.
The Providence Ghost Tour guides soaking wet but giving an excellent tour nonetheless.

They remained upbeat and energetic even though we were all soaking wet and freezing.

Stops on the Providence Ghost Tour

Most of the stops involved a house where someone died. The tour guides usually had a weird or wacky anecdote about the house/site.

There were a few stories of hauntings, but most revolved around an untimely death or an eccentric person that owned the house.  Either of which could produce a haunting or a ghost I guess, but the tour was lacking in substance of haunted places.

Apparitions were seen at this location on the Providence Ghost Tour
The tour guides say an apparition appeared at this location in Providence.

One of the more interesting stops was the John Hay Library on Prospect Street. Inside this library is a three book collection that was bound using human skin.  The library is open to the public and you can view these books.

Other stops included a few stories about Edgar Allen Poe and how his spirit still wanders Benefit Street.

The Verdict?

The tour guides were friendly and knowledgeable and they seemed to really enjoy giving the tours.  They had a solid Providence, historical knowledge base often answering questions about houses not on the tour.

This tour comes recommended for anyone that is up for all the walking, which often entails some seriously steep inclines and declines. If you’re looking for things to do in Providence that are a little different from your standard fair, the Providence Ghost Tour fits the bill.

Providence Ghost Tour:
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John Hay Library:


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