Discover the World on a Cruise Holiday

Cruise holidays are pretty special. After all, you’ve got the chance to wake up to a new destination every morning, enjoy professional entertainment and fantastic onboard facilities, and be wined and dined to the next gorgeous destination on your list. You’ll be so busy enjoying first-class cuisine, soaking up the sights and sounds of the cabaret or relaxing in the piano bar that you’ll barely notice you’re travelling. Talk about a special holiday.

So, where can you go on a cruise holiday? The question is, where can’t you go.

Explore the world on a cruise holiday

Some cruise operators specialize in specific destinations, such as Royal Caribbean International. As the name suggests this cruise company tends to stick to the Caribbean and the Americas, but you can still visit other areas depending on which parts of the world the ship needs to be throughout the year. Other companies such as Thomson Cruises typically stick to European waters – but again the company often takes on locations further afield, and in recent years has even explored Caribbean waters too.

With Thomson Celebration, a long-term member of the Thomson fleet, itineraries regularly take in numerous ports of Europe as well as the sights and sounds of Egypt – sailing the Mediterranean and stopping at such delights as Sharm el Sheikh, Aqaba in Jordan, Sokhna near Cairo and Safaga near Luxor. Fancy that – not only do you get a cracking cruise holiday, you’ll also have the opportunity to discover some of the world’s most ancient and awe-inspiring Egyptian treasures.

Then there’s the likes of Thomson Majesty, which is taking over from the old favorite Thomson Destiny. Majesty sails to familiar shores such as the Canary Islands, Portugal and Madeira, as well as fabulous North African destinations such as Agadir in Morocco.

It just goes to show that whatever you fancy and wherever you want to go, there’s a cruise holiday that can take you there.

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