Brooksby Farm

Brooksby Farm is a farm in Peabody that has a variety of different fruit picking during the summer and autumn months.  They have a store on the premises that sells the fresh fruits as well as vegetables, honey and bakery goods.  There is also a small petting zoo as well as other barnyard animals.

This place is swarming with bees, literally.  They have an onsite beehive, if you go into the store there’s a little window where you can see into the actual beehive.  The bees weren’t aggressive, however they were everywhere and if you bought a cup of cider, you’d have to protect it because bees would constantly try to get inside.  It was more of a nuisance than anything.

Brooksby Farm
Brooksby Farm, Peabody, MA

We visited this farm a little late in the season (Oct 21st), so the official apple picking was over.  They did allow you to walk through the orchard and there were many trees that still had apples hanging.  We took a few, but the haul was minimal compared to what we could have gotten if we were smart enough to go a week earlier.

All-in-all the farm is a neat destination, but it’s run-of-the-mill compared to other farms for fruit picking; if you live in the area I would recommend checking it out, otherwise find a destination that’s closer by.

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