At Its Coolest – Fine Ports to Include on a Caribbean Cruise Itinerary

With over 30 ports to call at, there’s more to Caribbean life than beaches and rum cake (though both are very important). There are also Mayan temples, raucous cities, thrilling raft rides and swimming with dolphins. Not to mention the glorious cuisine, charming locals and epic beach sports. So how does one shoehorn some of this variety into your daily excursions when on a cruise holiday? Checking out the following ports would be a fine move when planning your Caribbean cruise itinerary.

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A Trip to Barcelona

Casa Batllo by Spiterman

Barcelona is a city filled with must-sees. Ancient churches, monasteries perched atop a mountain, musical fountains, hole-in-the-wall restaurants offering traditional Catalan dishes... All of this and much more waits for you in this city. … [Continue reading]