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A view of a historic church located along Benefit Street in Providence, RI.

19 Free Things to Do in Providence, RI

Providence, RI is full of great shopping, dining and entertainment, but maybe you’re broke or bored and you need something to do that won’t cost a lot. These great free things to do in Providence, RI offer a fun way to fill any trip to the city without touching your wallet. [Read More...]

Breakheart Reservation in Saugus is a great place to go hiking in MA. It features lakes and views of the city.

Great Spots for Hiking in Massachusetts

Looking for hiking trails to explore the scenic views of Massachusetts?  You’re in luck because there is so much great hiking in Massachusetts to choose from. Some of these trails offer relaxing hikes, while others offer more rigorous trails for advance hikers; there is something for everyone to enjoy. Embrace all Massachusetts has to offer by visiting some of these popular hiking trails: [Read More...]

The Glen Ellis Falls in Jackson, NH is a beautiful waterfall that is one of the best things to do in New Hampshire.

Best Things to Do in New Hampshire

With so many amazing historical sites, engaging attractions and natural wonders, it’s hard narrowing down a list for the best things to do in New Hampshire. Whether you’re looking for an adventure through nature, a vacation on the sand or to travel back in time, New Hampshire has it (and so much more). [Read More...]

The Boston Athenaeum is a famous place in Boston

5 Famous Places in Boston (that You May Never Have Heard of)

Those that are living in Boston often do not think of visiting some of the historically famous places that are rich in history and tradition. These places can hold a myriad of treasures, from artwork to artifacts, textiles, flora and fauna or even monuments. Often, these famous places in Boston are visited by tourists rather than the local residents, who really do not know what they are missing.
[Read More...]

Winter Activities across New England

The entrance to India Restaurant in Providence, RI is your gateway for a great night

Dining at India Restaurant in Providence, RI

India Restaurant in Providence, RI has become a staple in a city that is oversaturated with restaurants. With fierce competition and a local population of  food savants, this is extremely high praise! Be warned, the following blog post is going to make your mouth water and make you eager to run out and make a reservation. [Read More...]

Hidden Romantic Boston

Hidden Romantic Boston: The Best Spots for Romance

Boston is a city for lovers. Whether its a first date, a Valentine’s Day special night or proposing marriage, these hidden romantic Boston spots are sure to deliver. [Read More...]

Getting drinks before and at the Boston stand up comedy show

Boston Stand Up Comedy: Drinks, Comedy and Dinner Downtown

We spent Matt’s birthday this year at a Boston stand up comedy club: Nick’s Comedy Stop. We decided to make a night of it; we invited a few friends along, grabbed drinks beforehand and then finished the night off with dinner nearby. A night out in Boston is always an awesome time and this was no exception. [Read More...]

There are so many great shops at Legacy Place in Dedham, MA

To Legacy Place in Dedham, MA for Shopping and Fine Dining

I drove by the construction site for Legacy Place in Dedham, MA just about everyday on my way to work. It felt like they built this huge plaza overnight. I remember the farewell sign up on the old movie theater that formerly inhabited the lot and then…BAM! [Read More...]

Moonlight Oldies

Bowling and Great Chow in Abington, MA

Candlepin bowling, the great American pastime where you gather a bunch of friends, strap on some funky shoes and make a fool of yourself on the alley. [Read More...]

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The City Lights up at WaterFire

WaterFire Rhode Island State House

WaterFire is an annual celebration that takes place in downtown Providence.  Many small bonefires are lit all along the rivers that run through the city.  Roads are shut down and a lot of local businesses set up tents to sell food, products or just to promote their business.  WaterFire is one of many events (see Providence Art Festival) put forth to help revitalize the city and foster a sense of community.

I was able to attend during the very last night of WaterFire 2011, which was sponsored by Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  In support, much of the event was illuminated with pink lights including the Rhode Island State House. [Read more...]

A Day Trip to Southwick’s Zoo

Deer in Deer Forest at Southwick's Zoo

Taking a day trip to Southwick’s Zoo in Mendon, MA is a fun, family-friendly outing that has activities even for adults. From the Deer Forest to the Aviary Landing, they have a ton of interesting exhibits that get you up close and personal with the wildlife. [Read more...]

Quabbin Reservoir Hiking: Exploring an Abandoned Town

Hiking up the Quabbin Reservoir trail at Gate 40 will bring you to Dana Common

One of the Quabbin Reservoir hiking trails leads to Dana, MA. Dana is a former city in central Massachusetts that was disincorporated in 1938 to make way for the Quabbin Reservoir.  Parts of the city still remain even after the area was flooded to create the reservoir. The trail begins at Gate 40 and is open to the public.

The towns around the trails are also full of great things to do before or after Quabbin Reservoir hiking.  [Read more...]

Providence Art Festival in Rhode Island

The Vendor Booths at the Providence Art Festival

The Providence Art Festival is an entertaining bazaar showcasing many talented and up-and-coming artists in Rhode Island.  Westminster Street is closed down to all but foot traffic, where you can peruse the booths of art for sale.

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Ocean Lava Lanzarote Triathlon

Don’t miss the sun rise in Lanzarote

If you really love a unique sporting event and are looking for somewhere special to visit this November, why not come on over to Lanzarote for the Ocean Lava Triathlon? You will bear witness to a truly incredible event that takes place on this stunning island with a volcanic backdrop and some of the clearest waters you can imagine.

[Read more...]

A Weekend on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard

A sunset from Gay Head Cliff in Aquinnah

There is so much to do on Martha’s Vineyard that even a long weekend wouldn’t suffice to see it all. Whether you’re looking for beaches, fine dining, historic lighthouses, fishing, exciting nightlife or just a relaxing time to recharge, Martha’s Vineyard has what you need. [Read more...]

Providence Ghost Tour

Providence Ghost Tour begins in Prospect Terrace Park

The Providence Ghost Tour: a lamp-lighted tour through the creepiest (and most historic) parts of Providence’s East Side. Do you dare venture on this journey full of bizarre deaths and freaky happenings? [Read more...]

John Adams House: A Guided Historic Tour in Quincy, MA

The trolley tour bus to John Adams house in Quincy, MA

The John Adams house trolley tour is a lot of fun, very informative and inexpensive ($5 to get in, children and students get in free). The tour starts at the Adams National Historical Park Visitor Center; from there they take you by trolley to four destinations: 1) the birthplace of John Adams, 2) the birthplace of his son John Quincy Adams, 3) “The Old House” (also called “Peacefield” – John Adams house) and finally 4) The Stone Library.  Both of the birthplaces are on the same lot of land; “The Old House” and The Stone Library are also located on one lot of land, meaning the tour really goes to just 2 destinations.

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